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"We have a pandemic because the unvaccinated and they're sowing enormous confusion. And the more we learn about this virus and the Delta variantion, the more we have to be worried and concerned. And there's only one thing we know for sure, if those other hundred million people got vaccinated, we'd be in a very different world," he said.

I think Uncle Joe needs to stop telling lies. Look at two of the most vaccinated countries in the world - Israel and Iceland. Both have around 90% of their adults vaccinated, but both are experiencing surges in cases. Israel blames the 500k unvaccinated young adults and is implementing vaccine requirements and is blaming those few. Iceland is talking about 5 or more years of covid restrictions. In the UK, about 40% of covid hospital patients are vaccinated (possibly due to use of AstraZenica), and also there was some info that came out yesterday where half of all covid patients in the hospital tested negative when admitted to the hospital.

The vaccine doesn't stop the spread of the virus. Stop telling lies Joe.

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Nah, let it happen. There's several benefits.

  1. The democrats will absolutely fail in the department of public opinion and lose the next election because of their own stupidity.

  2. That's assuming that they live that long because the vaccine just doesn't work like that. At best, it mostly keeps you from dying. This is why there's been no vaccine against these types of viruses in the first place (the coronavirus family). Maybe at some point these idiots will remember that and remember that for about a week, if that, that it was plainly said that any vaccine wouldn't stop you from catching it, only from not getting quite as sick.

  3. They keep pretending that it makes them immune which means that a lot of the current administration will either die or be permanently unable to function thus reducing the current administration's ability to even try to accomplish anything.

  4. It outs Biden as a liar to the people that need to hear it most: The democrats.

  5. The more that this slaps people in the face, the more we can go back to safety measures that actually work.

  6. The longer the pandemic lasts, the more the employment world will flip upside down and give advantage to employees (which we really do need).

I mean, I could just keep going on and on. There's no downside to the pandemic (except some deaths) and the more that democrats are shown to be just as dangerous as any other politician or party, the more people will get a better idea that they won't get their flying unicorns from that party.

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I hope people are actually paying attention enough to start asking questions. The CDC director finally came out this morning and directly said fully vaccinated people can infect other fully vaccinated people, but everyone still needs to get the vaccine for some unknown and unexplained reason.

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I've been saying that since the vaccine was first released. It's common sense that when you give an anti-viral vaccine to people, there is a notable though not always significant chance that you can infect someone or at least pass on bits and pieces through things like breathing, intimate contact, and so one but that also depends on how the virus is transmitted and binding method anyway.

You know who else said this? All of the news networks for like a week after talk of a vaccine was getting serious. Then, magically, they all stopped.

On other social media sites, you would get straight up banned for saying any of this because they wanted a flying unicorn to give them their wishes instead of thinking, researching, and taking a more cautious approach.

So while the anti-vaxxers might be a bit crazy, the rabidly pro-vaxx crowd have actually done far far more damage by acting like they're bulletproof and spreading it to everyone including already vaxxed people and pumping out more variations than the anti-vaxx group (and the group who are still isolating - like me).

So, like I've said before, the only reason to get vaxxed is so you don't die if you get sick but it makes no difference if it's still spreading like crazy. Might as well just stay in lockdown until everyone else gets their heads straightened out.

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The vaccine doesn't stop the spread of the virus. Stop telling lies Joe.

COVID 19 cases that are less severe (and have a reduced chance of death) also tend to be less infectious. So it's more a case of the vaccine reducing the spread of the virus - that could still be useful. Not that I'm a vaccine fan, but these effects are probabilistic, not binary.

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It doesn't help that right when the vaccine was first made available, the CDC changed the PRC testing guidlines to reduce the cycle count and cause fewer cases to be reported.