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The article is sort of stupid. Cloud seeding to produce rain has been around since the mid-1940s and is ignored by chemtrail idiots who see weather modification as a weaponized tool that's available to destroy things.

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A while ago we had a post where some middle east country was using cloud-seeding drones to make every wisp of cloud that drifted overhead dump its water. I could see that being weaponized to deny rainwater to regions in some extremely niche circumstances. Doesn't make 'chemtrails' any less stupid, though.

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The article is sort of stupid

Of course it is, it's in /s/conspiracy. Notthebee isn't significantly better journalism than the bee, it's the same people with the same values. Sometimes you need to ignore some facts to enjoy conspiracies.

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Yeah, it's a shortcoming I'm working on. I have a deficient sarcasm/idiocy sensor. I know I should ignore those clowns, but their total suspension of belief for the most insanely preposterous claims just infuriates me.