It's no mystery. Just google 'gutter-oil'.
Chinese develop an immunity or die young, but foreign nationals don't stand a chance.

Wouldn't that make it a perfect bio-weapon to use against westerners in a country with a population holding immunity? Its also worth considering that this is the first case of this at the Guangzhou consulate (or anywhere else in China, according to the health alert issues by the US).

Two main things make be suspect foul play. First, the close timing of the North Korean/American talks, plus the claims of sonic weapons being used. Second, this is the first case of this in the Guangzhou consulate, and fluent Chinese-speaking Americans are probably not new to Asia, and therefore have probably already been exposed to common health hazards.

I think you made the mistake of taking my comment seriously.
Something I wouldn't often recommend.
As a general rule, if there is any chance I'm just being a smart-ass, then it's best to assume I am.

I might have missed the sarcasm since I didn't initially take your advice to google "gutter-oil", but you did lead me to consider the "perfect bio-weapon" angle, which hadn't even crossed my mind until you led me there.

So even with the poor communication between us, I'm still glad my commented. ;)

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What does it say about me that the first culprit I consider is the CIA?

It tells me that you're naturally suspicious of people that habitually do suspicious things. lol

The two obvious suspects are the CIA, and Russia's FSB. USA would love to make China look bad in the eyes of North Korea right before the talks happen (since China is the Nork's historical ally), and the Russians would love to do anything that throws a wrench in US-Chinese relations.