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That depends on what you call drinkable. I myself wouldn't classify 2.3% beer as such.

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Come on, it allows the alcoholics to drink around everyone and not make a fool of themselves.

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Because the state-owned stores can’t stock anything available on the open market


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Read that quote again carefully: State owned stores.

Why would state governments own stores selling alcohol?

To regulate and control it.

It therefore stands to reason that what they can order or stock is limited. The state run stores in my state can only order alcohol from certain catalogs and if you want something they don't stock on the shelves, you have to buy a whole case.

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The state I used to live in had some odd regulations, like no liquor above 20% unless sold by the state liquor stores, but the state stores and grocery stores carried the same beer and wine, just different liquor. Groceries had special 40 proof liquor while the attached state stores had 80 proof

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In Pennsylvania we have beer distributors and state (liquor) stores, Wine & Spirits. Some grocery and convenience stores are able to get beer licenses now, but they're not super common yet. At the beer distributors you can get beer and wine cooler type stuff, but liquor and wine you need to go to the state stores. There doesn't seem to be any particular limits for distributors with regards to alcohol percentages and I've never seen beer in a state store, though I have seen some wine cooler stuff. Most bars you can get a 6-pack from.

Only in the last few years are we now seeing some state stores being open on Sundays. Bars can only be open until 2am. The rules and regulations are long and convoluted, but still an interesting read. There's some weird stuff in there pertaining to how many ounces containers can be and how much can be sold.

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state stores being open on Sundays

Not selling alcohol on Sunday is what's called a "blue law" and is targeted to say "You should be in church so stop trying to get drunk." And, yes, typically it restricts or prohibits sales from 2 AM to 7 AM or as late as Noon on Sundays though that can vary from state to state.

State mandated Christianity. I'm not sure how people haven't successfully sued those laws off the books yet.