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The title is misleading, omits to say that the terminology is purely for the LGBTQIA Safe Sex Guide.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll refer to the vagina as the “front hole” instead of solely using the medical term “vagina.”

The article then doubles down on that misdirection with the sub heading.

From now on “front hole” will be used on the site instead of “vagina” so that some nutcase who identifies as a teapot or a rake will feel included.

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I don't see the misdirection... It's right there in the article as you have shown. Most people don't buy into this looney toons LGBTQIAP gender nonsense shit. Anything that's critical of the fringe left seems to get an addendum in the the title of this sub.

Everything said in the title is right here to be seen.


Sorry they didn't give you a paragraph for a headline to clarify. I'm sure you take the time to label all of cnn's "russia collusion" clickbait headlines as "misleading" as there is still no evidence.